The Manifest
Live presentation, 180 minutes.

Commissioned for Amsterdam Museum Night 2018, ‘The Manifest’ was a live, three hour roleplaying panel show held at the Willet-Holthuysen – a period museum restoring the house of a 17th Century Dutch art collector and exhibiting his collection. Based on ‘The Skeletons’ by Jason Morningstar, ‘The Manifest’ was devised to focus on two elements of the museum: its multiple refurbishments, from house to modern art museum to period replica, and its historical role as a node in a then nascent global network for the trading and distributing of art objects, both local and ‘exotic’. Museum curator Rixt Weiringa, head conservator Thijs Boers and artist Timo Demollin were invited as panel guests with specific professional knowledge on these subjects and were asked to roleplay as ghosts haunting the museum.

Documentation by Melanie Lemahieu