The Innocents
Render on vinyl mesh, 7.5 x 3.5m.

Rendered exhibition of works generated during a playsession of The Innocents with Dirty Art students and affiliates Dani Andres, Sara Daniel, Selma Koran, Jeroen Kortekaas, Monica Mays and Leo Ravy.

The Innocents is a hack of Avery Alder’s The Quiet Year, replacing the post-apocalyptic setting of the original with that of an artist collective on residency. The game is played with groups of artist who are either in a collective or have a history of working together. No matter how extreme the events that take place within the narrative of the game are, the year ends with a group exhibition. This show is reified as a digital render printed on perforated vinyl mesh. ‘The Innocents’ takes its name from Jack Clayton’s 1961 Henry James film adaptation, a cinematic ur-text for the conflation of supernatural hauntings and suppressed behaviour.
Through asking questions, generating conflicts and encouraging players to work on projects together, the game functions as a research tool. The in-jokes and social tensions of a group of players are given a safe hypothetical environment where they can be expressed, but are also synthesized into a narrative, giving them consequence and autonomy. A narrative year passes in two hours, enabling the group to run a subjective simulation of the scenario they build together, and functioning like an hyper condensed residency program.

This edition of The Innocents was part of they swore it could talk to dogs, Bageion Hotel, June 2018, and Shifting Class, October 2018

Photos by Sander van Wettum