Silica Burn II
72 pages, riso printed by Hato Press, London. 13.5 x 19.5 cm
Featuring Benni Bosetto, Liam Cobb, Iris Erlings, Tom Kemp, Rachel Sale and Will Tempest

Anthology of comics with the theme ‘fortean nightlife’. Available to purchase here.

Midden Feeder II
28 pages, inkjet on tracing paper with custom stickers.


Midden Feeder II is space-operatic sequel about post-production, physical discomfort and non-human time perception. All pages are transparent and can be read simultaneously. Selected for special exhibition at Amadora BD International Comics Festival 2016, Amadora PT.

Available to purchase here Sold out

Dull Sword I
44 pages, riso printed by Mrs Patterson’s Press, London, 19.5 x 23cm

Dull Sword is an erotic action thriller featuring a highly skilled special forces unit in a post-female world who deploy a combination of psy-ops and machine learning to coerce shape-shifting entities into becoming their progeny. When Officer Uckers falls for his recently acquired asset, his military discipline begins to unravel.

Available to purchase here.

Midden Feeder
20 pages, inkjet with stickers, 14 x 21 cm

In Midden Feeder, a frustrated protagonist guides the reader through a space where the format of the book is conflated with that of a spaceship, a post-production house and a memory.

Available to read online here

Silica Burn
50 pages, riso printed by Hato Press, London. 18.5 x 28cm
Featuring Liam Cobb, Tom Kemp and Will Tempest

Silica Burn is a comics anthology of science fiction stories on the theme of ‘wetwear’.

Available to buy here.

– Older comics can be dug up from tumblr here.  –