Tom Kemp

b. 1988, London, UK


The films and installations of Tom Kemp (b. London 1988) address the consequential tangle of bureaucratic and economic systems on intimate and immediate relationships. Roleplaying game methodology is used as a generative tool, combining co-design practices, gamification and collaborative storytelling into a deviated method of complexity modelling.

He is an alumni of School of the Damned, UK, and the Dirty Art Department, NL, and currently a research fellow at the Sandberg Instituut, NL.

Recent shows include Polly’s Wood, Goleb, Amsterdam NL, Me Gustas Pixelad, La Casa Encendida, Madrid ES, they swore it could talk to dogs, Bageion Hotel, Athens GR, and Blood from a Turnip, EYE filmmuseum, Amsterdam NL.


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