Geheimisnacht (sic) 
Roleplaying party game

Geheimisnacht (sic) players at Lucky Larry’s Cosmic Commune, St Etienne Design Biennale. Photo by Ana Laederach

Geheimisnacht (sic)  is a participatory game for larger groups that combines roleplaying and drinking game to encourage inebriated, relationship-oriented speculation about the future. Players take on the roles of friends who meet every New Years Eve to catch up, toast champagne and gossip about their love lives. Through an exponentially rapid succession of New Year’s Eve toasts that begin in the present day and accelerate centuries into the future, their romantic relationships and the world in which they occur become increasingly complex and phenomenologically interconnected. The game employs a deck of cards to generate a structured series of questions for players that require them to improvise their own technological, political and social developments through the accessible lense of their developing relationship dramas and ageing, transforming bodies.
Geheimisnacht (sic) has been played multiple times at exhibitions and as part of pedagogical programs in art and design schools. Instructions and rules in English, French and Greek are available here.


Documentation of playsessions at Lucky Larry’s Cosmic Commune by Kitty Maria and Ana Laederach

Documentation of playsession at Soft Landings Showroom by Monica Mays and David Haack Monberg