Difficult Salad
HD Video, 17m

In ‘Difficult Salad’, a panel of experts collectively design and play a roleplaying game themed on international marriage law and inadvertently hold a seance. Guided through a process of gamification, a priest, a migration lawyer and a legally registered international couple waver between immersed roleplayers, vindictive investigators and the empirical architects of a subjective model of international marriage. The entangled forces of bureaucracy, romance, citizenship, spirituality and economics are synthesized into a roleplaying scenario where an interrogation of romantic legitimacy and stability overrides that of human personhood. A debate about borders becomes a debate about the border booth itself being a suitable spouse. The complex body of international marriage is channelled through the assembled knowledge of the players, and a 14th century spirit is invoked.

Commissioned by ACED



Eva Bezem
Shristie Budhia
James Hill
Tom Kemp
Cyril De Menouillard
Camera, Lighting and Audio
David Haack Monberg
Jason Harvey
Leslie Lawrence
Colour Grade
Mariæ Larsøn
Beta Testers
Gamze Baray
Alice Dos Reis
Lotte Hardeman
Alban Karsten
Anna Laederach
Mariana Lobão
Monica Mays
Eurico Sá Fernandes

Music composed by Percival Pembroke

filmed at WOW Amsterdam