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    • 2024
    • RPG publication, 36 pages

      1st edition of 200
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    • Based on the system developed to create the film Dead Minutes (2023), the Dead Minutes RPG is a game about systemic change in an undesirable afterlife. You, the players, will decide what this hell, underworld or land of the dead is like, what its problems are, how change happens there, and what the complications might be when altering something so big, involving so many dead people, over so much time. It’s a game about impossible seeming actions at impossible seeming scales, making difficult choices, and dealing with unexpected outcomes.

      As the players, you will act both as authors of this story, making zoomed-out, informed decisions about what happens next to the potentially billions of people in the afterlife, and also as point-of-view characters within the story, who are being impacted by these decisions and respond to them as individuals. The game will tell you when to make these switches in perspective.

      The first half of this book gives you everything you need to play a session of Dead Minutes, which takes 2-5 hours with 3-6 people.
      The second half features an essay by Patricia Reed that expands on the concepts of heuristic fictions and vital zombies in relation to the afterlife, and a series of afterlife generating 'seeds' contributed by different types of writers - a demonic boardroom presentation by writer and art critic Habib William Kherbek, a ritual from horror game designer Samuel Clarice Mui Shen Ern, a premise by Arthur C Clarke award winning author Chris Beckett, and a letter from Selma Selman.
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    • You can download session playsheets to accompany the book here.